Revitalizing a Part of Downtown

For nearly a quarter of a century, this former home to the Metropolitan Water District headquarters has remained mostly vacant. We will bring new vitality to this 5.5 acre stretch of Sunset Boulevard bordering Downtown Los Angeles by creating dynamic residential and retail spaces that emphasize high design, social responsibility, and a commitment to enrich the lives of the people and communities surrounding it. This site is uniquely positioned in a transportation corridor that connects to Downtown’s Bunker Hill and vibrant surrounding neighborhoods like Chinatown and Echo Park.

Part of the Central City North Community Plan


Northern Section of Central City North

The property is part of the Central City North community plan that encompasses Downtown Los Angeles. The site is in a designated transportation corridor, which speaks to one of the many attributes of this location. While most of the buildings on the site have been long-abandoned, we see the potential for creating an active, dynamic place for the community to celebrate in this final extension of the Downtown planning area.

Activating a Long Dormant Property

Our vision is to transform this site into a mixed-use hub that reflects the history and character of this property through a modern lens that maximizes its potential as a gateway to Downtown. We look forward to sharing our designs for the buildings and natural environment as they evolve.